General power of attorney in Poland. How and where to do it?

Everyone has their own plans for life abroad. There are those who want to stay permanently, so they sell their property in their home country, there are those who need to bring a car to Poland. To open or close a business. Then there are those who need to send a child abroad without their parents. Or arrange documents for legal residence through a company.

What do these cases have in common?

For each of them, a general power of attorney is needed.

What is a general power of attorney in Poland?

A general power of attorney is an important document that allows you to authorize another person to handle your affairs. The term means the same as in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Why do I need a power of attorney?

The most common reasons for issuing a power of attorney are:

-Legalisation (you are entrusting your business to a professional so that you do not have to go to the ogenda in person and the company takes care of all matters itself);

-Meldunek (registration in Poland);

-Opening and running a business;

-Crossing the border by a child without a parent;

-Resolving property issues (buying or selling property abroad);

There are also general and special powers of attorney. The difference is that the former authorizes all acts relating to the subject matter of the power of attorney, while the latter authorizes specific acts.

What documents do I need for a general power of attorney in Poland?

To obtain a general power of attorney in Poland, you will need the following documents:

– Passport or other identity document;

– Documents confirming the ownership of the property, if necessary;

– Documents confirming the legal title to the power of attorney (e.g. birth certificate or marriage certificate);

– Power of attorney, if needed

Where can I apply for a power of attorney in Poland?

A power of attorney in Poland can be obtained through the M&M Office. We have all the authority to do so, we do it quickly and correctly according to the law. If you need advisory services, you can contact us with any questions.

Period of validity of the general power of attorney

The period of validity of a general power of attorney may be specified by the applicant and may be indefinite or temporary. However, if no term is specified, the power of attorney is valid for one year.


The granting of a general power of attorney in Poland may be necessary in different situations and may be different for each case. It is important to think through all the details of the procedure and only deal with reliable and trustworthy professionals to avoid possible problems in the future.

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